That Good Feeling

WP_20160715_001From day one when I got hired by the Single-A Short Season Hillsboro Hops I knew I was a part of something special, even if we don’t win a third straight championship. I get along with everybody I work with and I have a great supervisor. I’ve already made memories with fellow staff that we sometimes talk about. Yeah there’s a rude fan here or there, but that’s life. When handing out programs or scanning tickets it’s always really nice to get a compliment from someone when you tell them to have a great time at the game, makes me feel good. One event I remember was on Star Wars night, I was handing out programs when a Snowtrooper came up and asked for a program, so I thought. I was scrambling between two aisles of the stairway and didn’t realize the Snowtrooper actually wanted to help me. Made me laugh, I’ve told quite a few people about that. Recently I had a day off and went to a game with a friend, we were standing in line and a fan says you’re not working tonight? I was thinking wait what he recognized me? I was like nope, I’m working tomorrow and Sunday, he then informed me that he didn’t think he’d be at the game tomorrow, but that he would be on Sunday. Then when I was up on the concourse a staff member noticed me and was like hey and gave me a high five. I was thinking man this is cool, a fan recognized me and now a fellow staff member high fives me. I love Ron Tonkin Field and the Hillsboro Hops. I don’t think I could ask for a better place to work, this is my first job too. I got turned down the first time I applied, I didn’t even get contacted to come to callbacks last year. This year I got all the way from casting calls through callbacks and got hired. Don’t give up if you don’t get what you want the first time. Get experience, I know that was something I had going for me, even if it was all volunteer up until being hired by the Hops.


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