The Beginning

The Beginning

A couple years ago I applied to the Hillsboro Hops to be part of their game day staff. I didn’t get a callback. This year I not only got a callback, but I got through the 2nd stage of callbacks. When I was invited to the 2nd round of callbacks I was super excited. I went to callbacks and I was still thinking wow, this is actually happening and I’m only one callback away from working here. After callbacks I was feeling pretty good about how it went. Then the waiting game started again as we were told that we’d be getting called to know how it went. It was hard to be totally focused on school for a short time, then it came. I was driving home from school and my cell phone rang, since I was driving I had to ignore it. You can probably guess what was on my mind the rest of the drive home, who called and if it was the Hops what did they decide? When I got home you know what I did, check to see what the message said. When I saw a 503 area code I was like oh my gosh, it has to be them…and it was. They wanted me to work for the team and come to orientation in a few weeks. I was beyond excited. Orientation went great! My first week went well, I learned what to do, how things were done, and what was expected of us. Basically a month in now and it’s going great!


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